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A guide to all of J. F. Danskin’s fiction, non-fiction and poetry

JF Danskin
5 min readFeb 11, 2024


Art showing a battle on a ship, with kraken tentacles.
Cover art from the forthcoming Sparta Online 3.

Hello! I’m J. F. Danskin, and I’m a creative writer and enthusiast for all things creativity-related.

I’ve written several novels (more on those below), and regularly share short fiction here on Medium, much of it in the fantasy genre.

A lot of my non-fiction is about the process of writing. In fact, I joined medium to share my ideas about the craft of creative writing, how to write stories, plotting, how to write fast, etc.

I’m also an editor at The Fiction Writer’s Den, a publication where you can find short stories, serial fiction, drabbles, writing prompts, and articles on the craft of creative writing.

So, if you want to know more, let’s dive in!

Let’s start with what I share the most: fiction.

  • Most of all, I share flash fiction. You can find all of my fiction via this list of all my fiction (most are stand-alone stories, with a few first chapters of loner series, too). There’s over a hundred piece on the list so far!
  • I’ve also shared serial fiction or web-novels. You can find a…



JF Danskin

Writing fiction (fantasy especially) and poetry, enthusiast for creativity, collaboration, community. An Editor at the Fiction Writer's Den (he/him)