Hello! I’m a creative writer of fantasy and LitRPG, and I share articles about the craft and process of creative writing.

I've been writing fantasy for a number of years. My first series was The Druid Stones Saga, a historical fantasy set in medieval Scotland. Since then, I have discovered a love of LitRPG, and have written 'Sparta Online', an ebook series set in a simulation ancient Greece (yeah, pretty weird!). You can read more about it here:

I aim to use my experience to help others start out or develop their creative writing skills and produce their own fantasy writing. Check out the following:

And of course, I share fiction here, too! These are some highlights:

If you want to roll the dice (as I often do, being a D&D player!), why not try the following reading game:

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Thanks for reading – and writing! :)

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